Advertising Early 1900 Miss Flaked Rice Printed Cloth Doll

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The Gatherings is offering a charming printed cloth doll from about 1899 to the early 1900's.  The 25" doll is advertising flaked rice cereal, hence her name, Miss Flaked Rice. Many of these type of advertising dolls were printed on yard good, sold for cutting and sewing at home.  The dolls were stuffed with whatever material was at hand, such as saw dust, rags, cotton batting etc.  This particular doll is stuffed with cotton batting. Her underwear, black socks and red shoes are printed right on the doll. 

At a ripe old age of over 100 years, she does show signs of condition issues, and even at some earlier time, has had some repairs. Her repairs are under both arms and one on the side of the neck.  On the other side of the neck the seam has split leaving the stuffing exposed.  Two smaller holes on the back of her hair.  On the front of both arms, the fabric is fragile with some splits in the fabric.  Worn areas around the seams of the shoes meeting the soles.  One small hole in the crotch. 

Still, for this type of doll, she is in reasonably good condition and worthy of adding to a collection.  She is waiting to be enjoyed.  

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