Advertures of Jack and Betty Story Booklet Feb 1914 Magazine Pages

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The Adventures of Jack And Betty by Clara Andrews Williams, drawings by George Alfred Williams.  February 1914, The Crowell Publishing Company.  This charming magazine page booklet posed a fun activity for little folks.

Following the directions on the back page, the pages were trimmed and the appropriate cut outs were carefully cut away.  The pages were folded to form the booklet, secured with a straight pin, or sewn.  This one is secured with a straight pin. 

Now let the story telling begin... from one page to the next, the adventure unfolds with the cut outs giving a peek of what's to come.  Booklet of 8 pages.  Text in black and white, with four pages in color, including the cover.

Size is 5" x 7-1/2".  Considering the fragile nature of the booklet, it is, in my opinion, very nice.