Antique 1900 New Year Postcard Victorian Lithograph Embossed Diecut Boy Angel Blooms

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Here is a gorgeous early 1900's embossed Victorian postcard.  The die cut lithograph card is saluting a Happy New Year.  A sweet colorful card of a boy with angel wings moving a large basket filled with blooms of roses and flowering tree. 

Sign post in background declares January 1. Written message on the back of the card from Mary Klein to Frank Kemp, Attica, Ohio.  Postmarked from Tiffin, Ohio, and I believe the postmark may read 1901, or it could be a 7,  I know this area well, as I grew up in this farm community of northwestern Ohio.

It is a German card, 971, and in nice condition.

If tracking is not a concern, the card will be shipped first class letter post for $1.00 in USA only

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