Antique Crochet Practice Stitches Handmade Notebook Early 1900 1920 Paper Book

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The Gatherings is offering a simple home made sample stitches notebook containing practices crochet lace pieces. As women often did, they exchanged instructions for making different needlework patterns, then these small examples were sometime placed in a journal for reference. 

In the case of this particular book, even the brown paper pages were assembled and stitched into a notebook form. There are 16 crochet examples placed in the book. 

Not all pages are filled nor are all the lace pieces secured to the paper with stitches. Some are, some are pinned and others were laid loose among the pages. 

Her intentions I am sure were good, to secure those samples in the book but life's duties got in the way.  I am sure there are times we can all attest to that fact.  Nevertheless, part of her life lives on.  

Size of the book is 5" x 8".  Condition as you note by the photos.  Paper of the book is more fragile but with loving care it will survive.   

Please enjoy this wonderful history of the past.