Antique Dog Chocolate Candy Mold Retriever Reiche Germany 1900s

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Now don't you just love this early chocolate mold!  Especially if you love dogs plus retrievers.  What could be more fun then to display this tin candy mold on a shelf. 

The chocolate mold has great detail, such as the fur of the dog and detail of the face.  It seems to have all the characteristics of the Anton Reiche Company from Germany.

Some of the lettering on the mold are difficult to read but I did see it says Made In Germany.  It also has several numbers  ~ #6886 #61 and #15.  Clips are original.  Dates early 1900's.

It is 3" tall x 4" wide

Condition:  As noticed from the photos, A small amount of surface rust.  Nothing more than would be expected.

Wonderful old piece of primitive kitchenware food mold!

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