SOLD Antique 1900 Blue White Calico Patchwork Quilt Hand Stitch Hole In Barn Door Pattern

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SKU QUbrndoor
Weight 7.00 LBS
Height 10.00 (in)
Width 14.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
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From the late Victorian, early 1900's era, a blue and white quilt.  The pattern Hole In The Barn Door patchwork quilt is hand stitched. Great quilt for a country primitive setting. It is comprised of 24 blue calico blocks measuring  9" square and 12 quilted white cotton blocks, all set on a diamond pattern. 
White quilted border  measures 7-1/2" wide on the two long sides and 4-1/4" wide on the one end.  No border on the other end.  The quilting is done in a tulip with hearts and leaf design with some straight diagonal stitching.  Seven stitches to the inch.  A variety of blue calico fabrics used, with only one repeating 5 times. 
As you will note from photo, a block of a different color has been sewn into the quilt.  Is it a humility block, an intentional mistake, or just the quilter wanting to say, I want the quilt to be different?  Whatever your thought, the quilt is what it is. 
The calico fabric binding has been machine stitched to the edge.  Also, along one edge, the binding has been replaced with old blue calico but not original to the quilt.  More than likely, the quilt has become worn in this area so was mended.

Size is 66" x 80".  Condition:  The quilt is just as found, meaning it needs to be laundered as it has yellowed from years of storage. The replacement of the calico binding on one end and a slight fray of fabric where the stitches of the calico fabric has pulled away from the white  (see photo) are the only flaws I see.