Antique Red Calico Comforter Tied Quilt Hole In Barn 1900s

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Weight 5.00 LBS
Height 13.00 (in)
Width 22.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)
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From the late 1890's or early part of the 1900's, an eye catching colored comforter quilt of calico fabrics in red, cinnamon, blue and blacks. 20 blocks make up the front of the comforter with the back of solid red and white calico fabric. Tied with orange yarn. 

Each of the blocks are 12" square, with many using the same fabrics but in different combinations, making each block almost one of a kind. 

The red calico of the backing is also used as a border on the front edges on the four sides. 

I am not sure of the pattern but believe it may be a Hole In The Barn or possibly a variant. Definitely machine stitched at the border seam but difficult to tell if the blocks are or not. 

Condition:  The top of the quilt comforter is very nice with the fabrics in great condition.  Some fray at the edge of the border at the machine stitching but little.  The comforter was also folded for many years with the back side out.  You will find some fading to the red calico fabric of the backing.

Regardless, the quilt does make a statement with its bold choice of fabric colors!