Antique Victorian Hand Painted Christmas Holiday Seashell Trinket Box

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The ladies of a century ago displayed their artistic talents through many mediums.  Some examples such as needlework and china painting, however, the list is long and diverse. Crazes or fads were much abundant then as they are today.  One of the Victorian crazes were seashells decorated in many different ways such as this delightful trinket box clearly proclaiming the holiday season.

It is made of two shells hinged together with blue silk ribbon bow and tassel.   Both inside and out are hand painted with holly berry and cheers of Christmas and New Year. The back of the shell is not decorated.  Perhaps it was a presentation piece for a sewing thimble.  Lovely and clever. 

The case measures 4" long x 3" wide at the widest point.  Height of the case is 1-1/4".

This  lovely antique one-of-a-kind shell art would be a treasured gift to a special someone.

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