Greetings and Merry Christmas To All

The Gatherings Antique Vintage wishes each and all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Antique and vintage glass, spun wire ornaments and glass ball garland are featured on this old feather Christmas tree.

The Make-Do Pincushion ~ A Useful Object Again

Life for many of our early ancestors was difficult, with many of them living in very rural primitive settings . Living was sparse both in material items as well as friendship of neighbors, as many times neighbors would be quite distances apart. Even a small town may be a day's travel (or more) away. It is probably within this setting the make-do was born. Some out of necessity and other fr…

Oh, Wash Day Blues ~ Washing Antique Silk

Antique silk. How easy is it to wash and should you? Silk is classified as a natural fiber, so by all standards it can be washed, however, a word of caution, here, as there are silks that will not hold up when put to water, especially any of the weighed silks from the mid to late Victorian era. In my experience it is a hard determination on which items can be washed successfully, and which…