Candlewick Trimmer Scissors Antique Cast Iron Pat 1864 Primitive Lighting

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Height: 4.00 Inches
Width: 8.00 Inches
Depth: 4.00 Inches
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Here's an old primitive lighting tool from the Civil War era that is as functional today as it was then.  This cast iron metal candlewick trimmers scissors was patented on the 4th of Nov. 1864.  It is stamped on the surface of the top scissor portion. 

At one time it was finished in black enamel which is still visible. In research of this particular trimmer, I find this one is missing the mechanical device that holds the wick tight as it is being cut.  This mechanical device would have fitted into the slot on the side and one at the bottom.  As with many things, the two parts became separated. 

Now, with that being said, I found this tool still useful as it will still cut the wick (should you be planning to use it).  However, it is just as charming as it is.  Other than the missing device, it is in very good condition.

Measurement:  6" long.   

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