Enamelware Coffee Pot Blue White Swirl Bail Handle Large Size 1900

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Weight 3.00 LBS
Height 14.00 (in)
Width 12.00 (in)
Depth 11.00 (in)
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From the early part of the 1900's, a great old blue and white swirl enamelware coffee pot boiler. It has black trim and wire bail handle. This pot would serve a crowd as it is a larger size. This coffee pot would display very well and what a beautiful piece of primitive Americana for your kitchen.

It measures 11-12" tall to the top of the black knob on the lid.  Width is 9" across the base and is 6" across the top, not including the spout. 

Don't you wonder where its duties were....perhaps on a farm or in a boarding house?   

It has also seen some wear as it has numerous chips, especially one side, of the enamel.  Lid also has one chip.  The inside of the pot and lid are white enamel.   Of course some wear from boiling water contents but relatively still decent.   

I have enjoyed it for many years in my own kitchen but after I replaced my stove for a glass top it just seemed to look out of place.  So I am hoping someone else will enjoy it as much as I have.