Old Vintage Holiday Christmas 1920 1930 Feather Tree Berry Hedge Fence

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I am offering this feather / berry hedge fence from a Christmas season past ~ so ideal to place around the base of an old Christmas tree and to use with German Putz figural pieces. The hedge fence dates from the 1920's to 1930's.

The fence is made in four sections with each section measuring 12" long x 3-3/4" tall.  The goose feathers are wrapped to wire with the point of the wire place in a small hole in the wooden base to form the hedge.

There are 11 feathers picks in each of the base and all picks are accounted for.

There are 8 picks without the holly berry at the end of the pick, although one berry is loose in the box.  Possibly with a bit of searching the berries could be replaced.

I should also mention a few of the holly berries are chipped or cracked.  With the age and usage of the fence some imperfection is to be expected.

All feathers are easily removed from the base for storing if needed.

A wonderful addition to a feather tree and a wonderful way to capture a moment from a traditional Christmas past.