SOLD 1917 Altman Catalog Fashion Women Man Children Household Mail Order Book

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Oh wow!  Here is a very neat old catalog from the B. Altman & Co., New York, published for the fall and winter of 1917.  This mail order catalog is 123 glossy black and white pages of smart apparel for women, men and children fashion.  What a great reference book of styles from the time period.  Many pages of women's autumn suits, jackets, and coats.  Including cloth plus fur for colder temperatures.  Dresses, separates (skirts, blouses and sweaters)  for day and evening occasions.  To complete the ensemble, look for hats, gloves, stockings and shoes.  The pages of the lingerie and corsets are eye catching.  Dazzling the eye with lace and ribbons, these confections are from fancy to more subdued.  If the household should employ a nurse or maid, a couple of pages of uniforms are offered.   Added bonus, of some jewelry, accessory and leather items. Children wear are offered for the infant through juniors.  Although not as big of selection as women, the styles are still very cute.  For girls, following the look of their mothers and boys, for their fathers.  Men's clothing is also more limited than women but includes top coats, hats, gloves, hosiery and shoes.  A few pages of home fashions such as rugs, curtain and table linens.

Condition of the book is very decent.  Some soiling to the front and back cover.   Some damage to the spline as seen in the photo.  All pages and covers are still intact.  Book is complete with two order forms at the back. 

Size is 8" x 11"