SOLD Antique 1890 Cheater Cloth Fabric Novelty Patchwork Hamilton Mfg Co Paper Label

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Weight 1.50 LBS
Height 1.00 (in)
Width 12.00 (in)
Depth 3.00 (in)
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It isn't very often I find fabulous fabric from the 19th century still with the paper label from the factory.  I consider this piece of old cheater cloth fabric a rare find and one that that is certainly desirable to the student of early fabrics.

The novelty patchwork cloth was manufacturer by the Hamilton Mfg.Co, Lowell, Ma. with the paper label still attached.  Printed on the label Hamilton Mfg Co ~ Robes ~ Joy Langdon & Co, Boston -New York.  The Joy Langdon Company was a dry good company at 76 Chauncey St. in Boston. 

Another paper label still attach is printed Novelty Patchwork.  While doing a bit of research on this company, I found a label with the word Waistings.  This makes me wonder, whereas the label on this fabric is Robes, if the fabric wasn't designed for specific clothing?  I will leave it for someone else to figure out. to the fabric....

The fabric is from the 19th century, about 1890, perhaps a bit earlier. 

The width of the fabric is 24-1/2" wide, selvage to selvage, with the one piece 3 yards in length.  There are also four separate cut pieces.  Length is 55" long, 29" long, 26" long and last one 22" long.

The motif are stripe lines set on a square.  Colors are green, purple, black and white.  Condition of all pieces of the fabric are good and unused.