Two Doily Reticelli Cutwork Embroidery Table Mat Drawnwork Filet

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Two filet center table doilies round mats from the early 1900's. The smaller doily is a pretty pattern worked in Reticelli embroidery and at the center a bird of darn net filet inset.  The doily is in nice condition and is 6" diameter. 

The larger round doily is cut work embroidery with a dragon or lion mythical creature worked in darn net filet work. Size of the doily is 10-1/2" diameter. 

Condition: I noticed one thread is broken at outer motif.  See photo. This is probably a very easy fix if you are skilled with a needle.  

Both doilies are white linen.  The smaller one is very fine linen.  Lovely, lovely Italian needlework.

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