Victorian 1880s Bustle Train For White Dressing Gown Whitework Embroidery Lace Trim Underwear

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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 8.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)
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This 1880's white bustle train is a beautiful compliment to a 1880's period dressing gown. It is outstanding and certainly speaks to a more fashionable well-to-do woman of means. I think you will also find the construction very interesting given the details. With that being said, how it actually attached to the dressing gown, I am not sure. However here are the facts as I observe. First, from the waist to hem, measuring the center back, it is 54" in length. Both side does taper somewhat in length. Measuring at the waist, from side to side it is 8-1/2" wide and gets wider tapering outward on the each sides to 26" wide. This measurement is just above the ruffled whitework embroidery part of the train. There are four twill tape ties. One at the waist and three others the length of the train. On the inside of the train, a siftening of crinoline fabric in a dimity weave helps to give support.  The crinoline is only under the ruffled bottom of the train. The front side consist of seven rows of white fabric ruffles meeting a beautiful whitework embroidery ruffle trimmed in lace. This ruffle is 11" wide. Graduating under this ruffle are a series of plain ruffles edged in lace. Each of these are 7-1/2" in width. These impressive bottom ruffles form rather an oval shape as its lays on the floor.

Since there is no dressing gown to this beautiful train, I can only imagine, or not imagine how it attached. It would make sense the tie at the waist did tie around the waist. The other ties may have somehow fastened to the gown itself. In research, I did see some trains buttoning to the sides of the gown. This may be the same principal.

Condition: Very nice. I only seen a couple pin prick holes and a bit of oxidation. (see photo).  Questions?  Let me know.