Victorian Civil War Era Brown Silk Petticoat Fancy Hand Quilted Chevon Design

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Weight 1.50 LBS
Height 10.00 (in)
Width 12.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
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The Gathering Antique Vintage is offering a Victorian Civil War era brown silk hand quilted petticoat in a chocolate color.  This pretty color silk fabric is used for the the outside of skirt.  The underneath fabric is a cotton.

The two fabrics are quilted together in a chevon style almost the entire length of the garment. Just a short area at the waist is not quilted.  The design of the chevron is in groups.  First two rows feature a set of three rows of quilting. 

The next three rows features four sets of quilting. Another below is a row of five rows of quilting.  At the hem line, this area is filled with four rows of quilting. 

All the stitching between rows is 5/8" apart.  As mentioned, except for an area at the waist, the skirt is almost entirely of quilting.

The skirt is constructed of panels, flat in the front, gatherings at the center back of waist.  Muslin fabric is used for the waist band and fastens center back with two bone buttons.

Condition:  As noted from the photos there is shredding to the silk just below the waist at center front.  Also a tiny bit where the silk joins the waist band on the back.  This area really doesn't show. Some at the back of waist band and some wear at the hem on the inside edge, which would be normal.

I have owned this petticoat for about 20 years and it is no worse than when I got it.  So I think with care it would be equally fine.