Victorian Hand Embroidery Cotton Stockings Balbriggan Irish Wedding Hosiery

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The Gatherings is very pleased to offer this gorgeous pair of Balbriggan hosiery from the Victorian era.  The hand embroidery pair of knitted cotton stockings may never have been worn.  The condition is almost minty. The tan stockings have padded silk embroidery flowers, in a magenta color, on the lower part of the leg and foot.  A cream arrow defining the side of leg and ankle are embroidered on either side of the stockings.  Imprinted at the top of each of the stockings is the mark of Balbriggan 1165.     Size 9 is imprinted on the  toes.

Just a tidbit of history:  Hosiery with the Balbriggan label were made to a very high quality standard, so much so, that  Balbriggan stockings were a "must wear" by Queen Victoria.

Length of the stockings from top to the toe is 30" long.  Toe to heel, the measurement is 9".  Length of the embroidery is 7" long x 1-3/4" wide.