Victorian Parcel Handle Carrier Advertising Clothier Wooden Wire Antique 1885

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Weight 0.75 LBS
Height 4.00 (in)
Width 9.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
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Here is an intriguing little Victorian gadget, an early wire and wood handle parcel carrier.  Have you seen one of these? Possibly without the paper label, it may be somewhat clueless.  The paper label tell it all.  Clearly printed are the words PARCEL HANDLE on the paper label of the wood handle. 

It was advertising for the Excelsior Clothing Co., Carry Immense Assortment Of Clothing And Hats, Easy to Suit All, 318 East 5th St., Des Moines, Iowa

There are a number of patent dates with the last on May 12, 1885 and a complement to buyer to help carry a package or bag.  Perhaps a hat, tied in its own box with one of these handles attached to carry.

Really nifty! 

The handle is finished wood with a green paper label.  Wire is attached through the handle with loops at the end to fasten the string ties of a box.

For the age remarkably preserved. Some paper loss or nicks.  Good condition where it matters.

Size:  4-5/8" long from the loop of one of the wire to to the other. 1-1/2" tall.