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The craze of sending picture postcards began in 1898 and lasted for the next 25 years. Then, as it is today, it was the collector's rage. So browse the Victorian and early 20th Century postcards section of this category, as I am sure you will find some treats. Truly, another form of the lithographer's art is the Victorian greeting card in the style of the postcard while others are made of exquisite pages tied with ribbons to be view as a book. Some of these beauties are edged with fringe and embellished with silk and satin fabrics.  Some fine examples do exist.

A world of advertising does await when a collector finds a passion for collecting trade cards. Trade cards were offered by all types of business to promote their wares.  Trade cards displaying a serious or humorous message can be found. So whatever your have fun!

You will also find the Victorian - early 20th Century calling cards. Many imprinted with the caller's name. Even occasionally, salesman sample cards.

To go along with ~ scrapbooks of postcards and /or trade cards. You can even look for a few that haven't been used.

Also in this category you will find framed and unframed illustrated prints by well known artist of the Victorian or early 1900's time period. One such that comes to mind are the yard longs of flowers,  women, children, and animals.  A vast number of these were printed and for most, what couldn't be more lovelier.

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