Victorian Tape Lace Battenburg Dress Collar Flower Design

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Width: 8.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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From the late Victorian era, a pretty Renaissance tape lace Battenburg collar. A finer design collar, which would be suitable for costuming or wedding dress embellishment.  It is made of a couple different types of tape laces. 

Worked in open and filling stitches of scrolls and flowers.  Trimmed at the edge in a picot needlework.  Off white in color in a cotton thread.

Measurement: 28" around the neck line.  Width at the center front, from the neck area to the bottom edge is 5-1/4" wide.  Measuring from the outside edge, from one side to the other, it is 46" around.

Condition:  Clean.  Although the collar very nice it does have a couple of filling stitches (see photo) which would need minor repair.

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