Vintage Compo Cloth Doll Tin Head Blue Calico Dress 1920s AS IS

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Weight 2.75 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 21.00 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)
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Here she is, a well loved doll from the 1920's. Even her blue calico dress has much worn patina. She has a cloth stuffed body and legs, with arms of composition.  Much crazing to the arms.  A large tin head with molded blonde hair, painted blue eyes, and opened mouth. 

The head is stamped Germany with number 8 below.  She is wearing plain white bloomers.  Wool stockings pulled over her feet and legs.  Stockings have plenty of moth holes.  Her dress is a blue calico, in a cadet blue color, with a print of circles.  Buttons down the back to waist.

A very cute style dress but with much fading and some shredding to the fabric especially on the arms and shoulders.  But if you love that primitive look, there could be no better!  The waist band does need some restitching of the seam on the back, as the thread has broken.  This would be an easy fix. 

The tin head of the doll shows fading of the paint but relatively no chips to paint.  This doll definitely sat somewhere in the sun light.

Height of the doll is 21-1/2" tall.  The dress measures 15" long.  7" across from shoulder to shoulder.  17" around the waist.