Vintage German Paper Mache Stick Leg Camel Christmas Nativity Putz Animal

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From a Christmas past, a wooden stick leg paper mache putz camel. Dating from the 1920's, or somewhat later, the animal is from a Christmas Nativity set. Marked "Germany" on the under body. Nice detailing to the body. Painted mouth, eyes and hoofs. Separate attached ears.

The camel stands 5-3/4" tall and is about 6" in length from the tail to the mouth. 

Condition: Intact ears, as this would be a fragile area. Still, a few flaws. 

Some little nicks in the paint of legs and hoofs. There appears to be a hair lines on each of the legs where the body is attached. I think this is normal, as to the construction where the body covers a small amount of the legs. However, one of the back legs is a bit wobbly in this area. A tiny bit of glue may secure this area better. Camel stands solid and nicely.

A nice Christmas decoration.