1870s St. Louis Stamping Granite Iron Ware Cook Recipes Granite Buffalo New York

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This is the real deal!  An authentic 18th century Granite Iron Ware Cookbook.  St. Louis Stamping Company.  Although no date, it is late 1870's or 1880's. This particular book was compliments of Adam Hauck, General Hardware, Stoves and House Furnishings, Nos 505 and 507 Main St. Buffalo, N.Y. 

64 pages of old-tyme recipes, household hints.  Best of all, a number of pages of graniteware kitchen and table goods of what the "modern" housewife could fancy to make her cooking more of a joy.

Chromolithographic illustrations on both front and back covers.  Size of the booklet is 5" x 3-1/2".

Condition: It does show some wear, however, for the age, the book is very decent.  Corner missing on back cover. Small corner missing on front cover.  Although booklet is intact, it is loose from the covers.