1900 Victorian Antique Red White Star Quilt Hand Stitched Quilting

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Depth 12.00 (in)
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Exceptional nice red and white star quilt from the late Victorian or early 1900's.  A truly Americana quilt with its parade of stars, the quilt features 30 blocks, 15 with red pieced stars and 15 white with hand stitched stars. 

Each block is 10-1/2" square set with red sashing which is 1-1/2" wide.  The red stars are 9", point to point.  The white stitched stars are 8-1/2" point to point.  Surrounding the bigger stars in each block are four smaller stars in each of the four corners.  These stars are hand stitched and measure about 2-1/2" point to point.

Now, it even gets better, all the red sashing features hand stitched stars and even more stars in the white borders!  The creator of the quilt was so in love with stars, she covered almost every inch of the fabric. 

The hours it took to create was a labor of love.  What else can you say?  The edge binding has been turned and hand stitched.  Backing is white muslin fabric.

Size of this antique quilt is 94" x 84".  I have shown in on a king size bed so if will give you an idea of the size.  

It has an all over creamy color to the fabric.  In other words, not a pure white.  In the white border area at the edge of quilt there are a few spots of staining, however, not highly noticeable but if looking close you can see.  Really, I don't think it is a distraction though. 

I also noticed at a corner of the binding a few tiny frays to fabric.  (see photos of all these areas).  Still, you make up your own mind, but I don't feel none is a distraction to the beautiful work of this quilt.