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What to do with a coiffure?  Women of the late Victorian Edwardian era, found the fashion of wiggery quite appealing.  According to the catalog, "The Wiggery Fashion Magazine of Hairdressing, dated 1912, so many women loved the advantage of being able to wear London and Parisian style hair goods delivered to their home.  The catalog features hair puffs and clusters, chignons, braids, pompadour waves and switches.  Full wigs as well as men's wigs and toupees.  Such interesting reading  between the pages of this 32 page magazine.  Hair dressing prerequisites includes curling irons and hair dryer.  Beauty aids include manicuring tools and toiletry.

Dimensions of the catalog is 6-3/4" x 10".  All black and white glossy pages.  Condition:  Front cover is partial loose from the top staple.  Some soiling of cover otherwise good. 

A fun look into the past. 

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