1920s Baby Nightgown Long Cream Silk Wool Brocade Ribbon Blue Embroidery Trim

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Weight 0.75 LBS
Height 8.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)
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A precious long baby night gown, from the 1920's, made of a cream silk woolen fabric, which is a delight to touch.  The home sewn gown is finely and expertly made, even though simple in construction. 

The gown is completely open down the front with the edges trimmed in a cream silk brocade ribbon.  The detail of the blue feather stitch embroidery is exquisite.  The cuff of sleeves are also trimmed with same delicate embroidery.  One snap at the neck line to fasten.

This fine piece appears never to have been worn and is very clean. As the silken wool is very fine,I can see some slight pulling of the weave.  A slight amount and very random.

Length of the gown is 25" long from the neck line to hem. 8-1/4" across from shoulder to shoulder.  Sleeve length is 5" long. Around the chest is 22"

Please see companion listing for a long baby slip made from the same gorgeous fabric.  Both pieces came from same household.