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1930 Patchwork Sewing Pincushion Vintage Calico Print Fabric Quilted Quilting

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Height: 4.00 Inches
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Depth: 4.00 Inches
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A diminutive pincushion with twenty small calico fabrics stitched in a patchwork quilting on the top. The back is a solid red and corded with red fabric around the middle edge. 

The fabrics look to date from the 1930's, possibly a bit earlier or a bit later. The patchwork is probably machine sewn.  Probably stuffed with a cotton batting. 

Although very nice, it has seen some fading and some usage over the years.  Very sweet to add to a collectible group of old sewing tools.

Size:  4-1/4" long x 3-1/4" wide. About 1" in thickness.

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