3 Victorian Gibson & Co Greeting Lithograph Card 1870s to 1890s

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 Dating from the 1870's to 1890's, three lithograph greeting cards printed by the Gibson & Co., Cin'ti, Ohio. Each have a colored printed scene, each different, that is attached on to the larger card.  The outer border is a black and white floral print.  Two of the cards have hand writing on the back, of who they were to, and who they were from. The third one is blank.  All three are marked Gibson & Co. in one of the corners.

The size of the three are 9" x 11". 

Condition of the cards are decent but not perfect. One has a missing corner. Others have bends / creases to the corners. A tiny bit of soiling. 

If you love early paper, I have never found any other cards quite like these in a larger format.  These are from a collection of beautiful paper items I bought nearly 30 years ago.  These particular cards had been stored until I unearthed them recently!