Antique Bisque Doll Germany 9769 Fully Jointed Painted Features Clothes

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SKU TD Gerdollclths
Weight 1.50 LBS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 8.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)
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This little German doll including her cardboard chocolate candy box "bed" tugs at your heart strings.  A little girl improvised turning an old candy box into a doll bed, with the lower pull out drawers for the baby's clothing.  Certainly not the clothes and bed of a princess but nevertheless to the child, priceless.


The small German baby doll # 9769, is all bisque, jointed arms and legs. Painted facial features and hair.  Doll is 4-1/2"tall. 

Condition:  Arms and legs are string tied but loose.  No chips, although on the bottom of one foot an indent in the bisque.  Probably a factory flaw. I like little dolls but I am not a collector nor know much about dolls, so if you have questions please ask.  The above information is from my observation so I welcome any questions.


There are four little dresses made by a child except possibly one which may be a factory dress, It is a dimity, simple style with lace around the neckline  Sleeveless with finished edge around the sleeves.  The others are all hand stitched and made by the child's ability.  Even a dress pattern cut from newspaper.  Also a cream wool cape and a slip with crocheted hem line.  A darling crochet bonnet with silk ribbons and ties. (this may have come with the doll)    Also a cute little hooded cape trimmed in lace. 


The cantilever top tray is baby's bed. She has a wool blanket edged in crochet. A pillow and case edged in lace and a white ruffled square eyelet sham.  The pull out drawers stored her clothes and as found in a lower drawer tidbit of lace for sewing needs. 

Candy box is 4-1/4"wide x 7" long x 3-1/2" high.  Box does have some wear and tear but is serving dolly well.