Antique Original Civil War 1860 Child's Silk Taffeta Quilted Bonnet

Vintage bonnet
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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 10.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)
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A fantastic Civil War era child's quilted bonnet. Perfect for re-enactment costuming. The bonnet is of silk taffeta in a wonderful jewel-tone blue color.  Inside crown of bonnet is of a blue muslin and inside fabric of the short "apron" is green with ribbon print fabric.  The bonnet is in remarkably beautiful condition for being over 150 years old. 

It has been stored well with very minor damage to the silk.  In fact, on the outside I found only one small fray at the top of where it had been folded all these years.  A couple of tiny frays to the green fabric on the inside.  A tiny bit of soiling and a small amount of oxidation on the muslin on the inside.

There are no ties although there are a few threads to indicate where ties once were.  Again, this is a well preserved bonnet.  Just recently found inside a trunk.  I am guessing the bonnet might fit a child about 3-4 yrs of age.  Perfect for re-enactment. 

Measurements:  11" along the neck line from one side to the other.  14" Measuring from the brim across the top to the other side it is 16-1/2".  The bottom "apron" measures 2-3/4" wide.