Antique Warrens Bloomer Elastic Sewing Notion Advertising Bolt Spool Roll

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Weight: 0.75 LBS
Height: 4.00 Inches
Width: 4.00 Inches
Depth: 4.00 Inches
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An old time sewing notion from the early 1900's, The Warren's Bloomer Elastic, on the original spool could be a fun decorator item.  The spool advertising wash it! boil it! is guaranteed.  However, no guarantee today the elastic still has its stretch! 

Advertised to have 6 yards x 1/4" wide.  Looks as if there has been some yardage used, however, more than 3/4 of the spool remains, if not more.  Cardboard spool with nice graphics. 

Condition is very decent. Not quite perfect though. Size of the spool is 3-1/8" diameter. 

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