Book Of Modern Ballads by E. C. Browning Illustrated Alice Havers Victorian 1900s Published London, England

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Lovely! A Book Of Modern Ballads by E C Browning. 40 pages of poems and beautiful illustrated plates with 16 plates in full colored. Leather cover with gold tones of flowers, vase and folding fan tied with ribbons. All end papers are also gold.

Not dated.  More than likely late Victorian early 1900's. All pages are made of heavy card. Size is 7-1/2" wide x 10" long. Book is string tied.

Illustrated by Alice Havers. Published Hildesheimer & Faulkner, London, England, Printed in Germany.  Geo C. Whitney, New York.

Condition, for the age is very nice. No loose or torn pages. Some very light wear to the leather of the covers at corners. Some fading / wear of the lettering on cover.

A beautiful book for table top viewing.