Cloth Jester Doll 19th Century Candlewicking Embroidery Saw Dust Stuffed

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SKU TDjester
Weight 0.75 LBS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
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A 19th century hand made cloth jester doll from the mid to later Victorian era.  The body is made of a homespun natural linen.  A brown stockinette is used for the face.  Looking closely at the facial features, the detail is amazing.

The face area is stuffed to form the forehead, eye area and padded nose.  Cheeks are rounded tapering into the neck.   The use of black embroidery thread accents the facial features, with eyebrows, around the eye opening, and mouth area of a mustache and goatee.  Tiny black beads are used for the eyes.  The tight curly hair is also embroidered in black thread. 

Decorated on the natural linen body is his "suit", made of candlewicking embroidery.  Again, a nicely designed color scheme and pattern.  Colors are off white, black, red, and turquoise.  Wool thread. 

Both the front and back of his suit are embroidered.  His pointed linen hat is accented with a row of candlewicking.  One shoe is in natural linen, the other in a faded red linen.  Arms are stubs.  He is saw dust filled.  

Size 10-1/2" tall.  3" wide at the width of the shoulders.  

Condition:  Even though a work of art, the jester does have some flaws.  Some loss of candlewicking thread,  The linen fabric of one leg does have a shredded hole leaving the sawdust exposed.

It is a wonderful display piece and with gentle handling or possibly expert repair, this little doll will give years of enjoyment.