Early 20th Century Cherub Art Noveau Handpainted Hanging Wall Tapestry

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Weight 2.75 LBS
Height 15.00 (in)
Width 20.00 (in)
Depth 10.00 (in)
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This early 20th Century / Edwardian  Object d' Art handpainted on moire fabric is a magnificent boudoir wall hanging in the Art Nouveau style. The glorious piece features a cherub (cupid or angel)  painting the final strokes with his  paintbrush the Italian word "Felicita" meaning happiness, pleasure or delight.

With the vibriant color of the shadowing of the purple irises and the softness of the forget-me-not flora on the rose moire portrays a pleasing and striking color contrast.

The rope trim is hand applied along the outside border of the piece.  Curving with loops at the corners.  I noticed a few faint pencil lines showing slightly under the loops to guide the placement of the trim.

The wall hanging measures 68-1/4" long x 31-1/2 wide.  I found the moire fabric was seamed once along the length of the piece to extend the width.  Very finely sewn and hardly visible.  The backing of the piece is of  polished cotton in a rose color to match the moire.

The only flaws I found were a couple of very small soil marks (very similar to the tiny mark on the back of the lingerie case)  and a tiny break in the painting of one of the iris leaves where the fabric had been folded in storage for many long years.

Along with the beautiful wall hanging an added treasure of a lingerie case is part of the set.  Provided below are photos of this equally lovely case.

The case is an envelope style with the flap opening to reveal a pocket on the inside.  The inside pocket is lined in a rose polished cotton fabric.

The size of the case close is 12-1/2" wide x 14-1/8" long

This lovely wall hanging and lingerie case are one of a kind and certainly of museum quality.