Edwardian Celluloid Dresser Box Gutta Percha Mirror Set Woman Boudior

Vintage Vanity Dresser
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Weight 2.00 LBS
Height 7.00 (in)
Width 12.00 (in)
Depth 7.00 (in)
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From milady's boudoir, a fetching Edwardian celluloid dresser box with a beautiful comb, brush and mirror set in gutta percha.  The alluring box lid features a a demure woman in night attire discreetly peeking over a dressing screen. 

It is a wonderful graphic which is seldom portrayed.  Encircling the image are purple violets, lily of the valley and daisies.  Entwined with ivy its sets the mood of the background colors of a bronze gold and cream.   The bottom edge of the box, in cream color, is embossed with a band of fleur-de-lis.   The box opens to an impressive comb, brush and mirror set.  The brush and oval mirror are encrusted with a divine floral pattern and highlighted here and there with a touch of gold.  The comb is without ornamentation.  In other words, plain.  All three pieces are in a cream color base.  Mirror is beveled.  The inside of the box is lined in a baby blue silk. 

The size of the vanity box is 10" long x 5" wide x 3-1/2" at the back of the box, slanting to 2-3/8" high at the front.  Mirror is 8" long from the top to the bottom of handle x 3-1/8" wide.  Mirror is excellent.  The brush is 7" long from the top to bottom of handle.  x 2" wide.  Comb is 6" long.

Condition:  Even though quite nice...plus beautiful, there some flaws.  First of all the brass catches and latches are good and in working order.  The silk lining is nice but does show some slight discoloration  where the pieces have been stored against the silk.  A tiny wear to the silk here and there.  Probably the worse to the box is a small amount of lost celluloid on either ends.  (see photos).   The comb, brush and mirror are very nice but again with gutta percha there are a few very faint hairline cracks which is normal for this type of ware.  Nothing that is obvious or detracting.  It would not be a disappointment.   Brush bristles are in good shape.  Comb is good.