SOLD Antique Women Hat Taffeta Lace Feathers Narrow Brim 1915 1920s

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SKU BB1915hat
Weight 1.50 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 12.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
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From the World War 1 era, a woman's fashionable hat.  Made of black taffeta with shallow brim.  The hat is overlaid with black lace and three ostrich feathers. Two in black and one in a magenta.  The feathers take on a jaunty position on top of the crown to lend a lively air.  I also believe this hat sat forward, and tilted, towards the forehead to give it even more appeal.  Completely lined on the inside with taffeta.  No makers labels or tags. 

Size measurements:  21' circumference around the inside of crown.  4" high from the brim to top of crown of the hat only....not the the height of the feathers which would be 2" to 3" additional. 

Condition:  Very nice. Tiny bit of soiling around the inside of the brim.  One of the black feathers has a broken feather and a nick of black on the vein.  The white nick could be touched up with black if desired.