Victorian Two Paper Dolls 7 Crepe Paper Tissue Dresses Hand Made Doll Fashions

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SKU TDcrepedolls
Weight 0.75 LBS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)
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One of a kind hand made Victorian fashion paper dolls.  The two (side view) dolls, also have a wardrobe of seven tissue crepe paper dresses that are so superbly crafted.  I marvel at the expertly manipulated construction of the clothes. 

It, indeed, took nimble fingers to make narrow and wide pleats, tiny pockets with handkerchiefs showing, sleeves with poofs and gathers and pleated ruffles.  Dating from the later 1890's, The garments include a ball gown, a dressing gown, accented with paper lace, day dresses and walking suits.

Each dress is made of a different tissue pattern and color.  Except for one, each is backed with an old calendar page.  Alas, none with a date.  Each of the dolls are cut from cardboard, one with a standard and the other with an articulated arm. The heads of the dolls are from some other source and glued to the cardboard. Even the one has hand drawn clothing, shoes and feet.  This one is signed Marian Knight. 

Height of dolls are 6-1/4" tall. Each dress is about 5-1/2"  in height. 

Being of a fragile nature, the set, I would consider, in very good condition.  You will find some bents of a train, "ribbon"and some spotting etc.  All very minor.