Vintage Late Edwardian 1920 Silk Chiffon Irish Crochet Collar and Cuffs

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A lady's pretty collar and cuff set in silk chiffon and Irish Crochet trim dates from the later Edwardian - 1920's era. It is a pretty set, however, it does have a few pin holes to the chiffon and broken stitches along the edge of the lace where it is attached to the chiffon plus the seam of one of the cuffs have been opened.

No major damage but enough that possibly the set could be used in a new sewing or craft project.

Measurement of the collar along the neck line is 26" long.  Along the bottom edge of collar the length is 19" long.  Width at either end is 6-1/2" wide.

Width at the center of collar is 1-7/8" wide.

Cuff measurements:  Closed:  10" around the bottom edge.  6"  wide.