Antique Edwardian Embroidery Sewing Scissors Case With Scissors

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I am offering a nice metal pair of embroidery scissors in the original brocade cloth case dating early part of the 1900s.  A flora embroidered of silk thread is featured on one side of the case. On the other side is a small pagoda home and oriental figure crossing a bridge.

Embroidery and other types of fancy needlework required a small pair of scissors kept readily at hand for snipping threads etc. If you are a collector of scissor cases/sheaths and the scissors, themselves, the variety will be seemingly endless.

Although a manufactured case, it is hand embroidered.  Very nice condition. 

Case and scissors measures 3" in length.  Width across the upper part of the case is 1-7/8" wide. 

Scissors are metal .  Although condition is good there is a bit of surface rust on each of the blade.

Very minor and I am sure could be successfully cleaned off.