Antique Wax Head Doll Cloth Body Paper Mache Comp Arms Legs 1890

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Weight 2.50 LBS
Height 10.00 (in)
Width 32.00 (in)
Depth 10.00 (in)
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This sweet wax head girl is looking for a loving home.  Dating the doll from the later Victorian era, her head and shoulder plate are made of wax, possibly over papier mache.  She is just under 26" in height. Molded high top red heeled boots with tassels.

(I'm no doll expert so if you have questions, please ask).  The lower arms and hands are papier mache or compo.  The lower legs are papier mache. Body is cloth, as is upper arms and legs.  On her head, molded into her upswept hair style, a molded hat with feather. 

Such a tiny wisp of the waist, this sweetie may have been a fashion doll.  No clothes except for the bloomers she is wearing, which look original to the doll.  Her pantaloon are rather secure so I have not removed to examine the rest of her body.  She may be a German doll.

Now, as you can see by the photos, the doll does have her flaws.  A sweet face, with I believe glass eyes, there are cracked lines in the wax,  Both on the head and shoulder plate.  On the head a small piece of missing wax.  Lower arms and hands appear to be in good condition. 

Shoes have breaks...I'm not so sure they may have been broken and glued,  Especially the one.  You will have to be the judge.  Again, the cloth of the body may have had some repair.  If so, nicely small hand stitches were done.  The cloth of this area and upper arms do not match the fabric of the waist area so this is why I question. 

I have provided many photos so please examine carefully.  Just contact me on the contact page if you have questions.  I will be happy to answer.