Brocade Rosette Ribbon Basket Embroidery Throw Pillow

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A lovely example of the creativity of embroidery and ribbon work designed from an art work style of an earlier time period. Although this pillow is not recently new, it is not old either.  Probably a creation from about 15 years ago, at the time when ribbon work was starting a revival.

The feature of the pillow is a basket in ribbon weaved to resemble reed. Flowers made of ribbon rosettes lend a profusion of color plus give a dimensional look to the colorful bouquet   Stems are embroidered with the leaves finished in ribbon.  A pink and green bow accents the handle of the basket.  Tassel fringe in green and creamy yellow finishes the edge of the pillow.  The background fabric of the pillow, itself, is a creamy brocade. 

The pillow  measures 15" square not including the fringe.  Fringe is 2" wide.

Condition is clean. 

A lovely addition to your home decor.