Victorian 1900s Coin Purse Chain Link Mesh Chatelaine Silver Metal

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Weight: 0.75 LBS
Height: 4.00 Inches
Width: 4.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A sweet Victorian, early 1900's silver metal chain link mesh coin purse.  Small loop for hanging on chatelaine.  Upon opening the clasp, the purse is divided into two compartments for coins, or other necessities.  

No marking on the simple frame, as to metal, or being of silver.

Size is 2-3/8" long x 2-3/8" wide, at the top, from side to side.  Mesh links are on the finer side.

Condition: The inner divider is missing one link where it attaches to the frame work.  Not that obvious.  I found no other damage. 

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