Victorian Photo Cabinet Card Girl Kate Greenaway Fabric Dress 1890 Child

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An adorable Victorian cabinet card from 1891 of a little girl.  Standing on a chair with her sweet smile, she is wearing a dress with Kate Greenaway figures.  A real conversational fabric print of children wearing overalls and large straw hats. 

Perhaps, one figure with a dog and another figure sweeping.  More than likely the dress is home sewn and wonderfully made,  Bodice is completely pleated or tucked with puff sleeve and is worn over a long sleeve blouse. 

It is such delight to find these conversational prints, let alone to find a child wearing one in an old photo.   Of course, her long black stockings and high button shoes to complete the attire,  just makes the photo even more fabulous. 

Photography by Strauss, 1891, 1245 & 1247 Franklin Avenue, St.Louis.

Condition of the cabinet card is very nice.  Size is 4-1/4" wide x 6-1/2"long.

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