Vintage 1930 Art Deco Belt Buckle Blue Cloisonne Brass Flower Design

Vintage Buttons Buckles Belts
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Weight 0.56 LBS
Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)
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The Art Deco look of the 1930's had it own style. Even accessories for clothing such as this cloisonne and brass belt buckle speaks of the time period.  Set on a blue enamel color, the brass is highlighted in a flower design. 

Buckle is made in a diamond shape, with each shape slanted so the points come together at the bottom  Back and edge of the buckle are also brass.  No markings as to maker.

Size:  Point to point across the top and bottom edge is 2-1/4" long.   Width is also the same, 2-1/4" wide.  Opening for a belt to slip through the brass loops on the back would be 1-3/4" to 1-7/8".

Condition:  The highlighted brass flowers aren't as pronounced on one side as the other.  Some spotting to the buckle back.  Regardless a pretty buckle.